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We are a company that produces organic products made from own raw materials.

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Plantemageren is a company that produces organic products made from own raw materials.

Established in 2013 when we started on a bare field, and has since built up our nursery and our wholesale kitchen from scratch. In the same way, we work with our products. We start with a seed, and follows the plant and the fruit all the way to harvest and then take the procuce under loving care in our kitchen, where we carefully proces them into the finest and purest organic products.

Our products

We make our own vinegar from scratch and spice it with the finest herbs, picked at just the right time, so quality and taste is top notch.

Our chili products are also in a class by itself. As we grow the chili ourselves, we can we ensure the quality and through a slow growth, and harvest when the fruit is fully ripe, we can convert the approximately 130 varieties to the finest Products.

Thanks again to nature ..

To grow organic is in our DNA. For us there is no other way that makes sense. In millions of years, nature has been in a continuous cycle, and to break with this, seems like breaking of with what we have come from. In addition, when you grow organic, nature provides ample thanks again. In the form of a much better taste.

We make our own

We make 130 different chili varieties products

We introduce liquid herbs

Organic vinegars in many flavors

Our herbal salt is your new friend in the kitchen

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