- Meet Plantemageren -

We have organic products, produced from the best raw materials and chili from our own nursery.

Our productsWho we are

Plantemageren is a company that produces organic products made from the very best ingredients.

We have been at it since 2013, where we started on a bar field, and since then we have built our nursery and our wholesale kitchen from scratch. Similarly, we work with our products. Our Chili Plants start with a seed and we follow the plant and the fruits all the way to harvest and then they are getting a loving treatment in our kitchen, where we carefully process them into the finest and purest organic products.

Our products

Plantemagerens Liquid Herbs are fresh herbs which we conserve with vinegar and salt, thereby preserving the fresh taste, while getting a product that can be stored outside the refrigerator after opening, and which can lift all your meals to a whole new level.

Our chilli products are also quite extraordinary. As we grow the chilies ourselves, we can ensure that through slow growth and harvest when the fruit is completely mature, we can convert the approx. 65 varieties into the finest products.

Thanks again to nature ..

To grow organic lies in our DNA. For us, there is no other method that makes sense. For millions of years, nature has been in circulation, and breaking this seems to be a scorn on what we have come from. And when you grow organic, nature gives ample thanks again. In terms of a much better taste.