The 2 friends organic dream ..

The 2 friends organic dream ..

Plantemageren started in 2013 when we bought a used greenhouse and moved it 100km piece by piece. Our original idea was to make a Organic Nursery that sold seedlings, seeds and Products produced by Our own Chilis, direct to the end consumer. And with a loving care in relation to the organic principles.

Gradually we starded to get more and more focused on the amount of waste that buying herbs for cooking generate, often you do not use all of it and it withers away in a corner of the window, using large amounts of spagnum, artificcial heat and water, and still: outside the high season it is difficult to find herbs with a good taste.

It was the start of our Liquid herbs, a product with the fresh flavor of herbs that can be used directly in the cooking or at the dining table.

So by 2015, we decided to invest fully in selling our own Products.

See our Videos at youtube.

On youtube you can see a lot of videos with tips for recipes and a little about our gardening.

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